Tabitha Bastien as Young Marilyn Mamry: Twenties, before her May-December romance/marriage/funeral with Arlen Hardesty, was a budding horror film actress, stalked by Sasquatch in Trail of Terror, and tortured to death in American Inquisition.

Dess Onata: Twenties, Asian Artist/Alt rocker, left Japan after the demise of her band, looking to reinvent herself.

Anna Graham: TV news anchor/reporter.

Myra Maines: TV news anchor/reporter.

Inquisitor: Tea Party Torture Chamber Dweller.

Sasquatch: Misunderstood deep woods Don Juan.

Ariel Payne: Cheerleader killed by lightning, partially reanimated by Dr. Fine; harmless, amusing lab zombie.

Edward Blake: Cemetery night watchman/entertainer.

Norman Newkirk as Norman Baetz: mid sixties, Marilyn's companion & "personal assistant". Slick, lecherous, obsequious, self loving/loathing.

Does he care more for Marilyn or her money?

Angelica Devine: Twenties, bombshell, bored with small town life,  attracted to reality TV by the prospect of celebrity, fame, and fortune. Claims to have the same measurements as Angelina Jolie.

Stephen Lestat as Dr. Laurence Fine: Mid-fifties, a brilliant, ethically challenged neurobiologist. Chief Scientist at Hardesty Biotech, engaged in electro-encephalographic research. Discredited for the catastrophic results of unsanctioned human experimentation, he is privately hired by Marilyn to build a lab at her remote estate to help realize her quest to inhabit a younger woman’s body. He bitterly resents the fact that his scientific progress depends on the whims of a miserly old woman.

Pramila Devi: Twenties, Bollywood refugee, coming to America for her big break in show business through reality TV.

Cast of Characters

Lynn Lowry as Marilyn Hardesty (nee Mamry): An aging, terminally ill horror film icon. She is a bitter old woman, sarcastic, bitchy and just plain mean. She believes her impending death is profoundly unfair, and would happily pass it along to someone else. Marilyn became very wealthy in her late twenties after marrying Arlen Hardesty, a ninety-five year old biotech tycoon, and burying him with a smile on his face. Heiress to his biotech company and fortune, she uses it to pursue her obsession for eternal life.

Rex Ross: Late-twenties, lab assistant to Dr. Fine. He's injured in lab accident, saved by Dr. Fine with a dog-to-human mind transfer. He becomes a man with the mind of a dog, taking on canine physical mannerisms. He is fiercely loyal to Dr. Fine.