The Mindflip web series is a prequel to a feature length science fiction/horror film. The webisodes introduce the characters, and explore their backstories.

Web Series

SCIENCE UPDATE features interviews with Dr. Laurence Fine, an ethically challenged Neurobiologist, and his arch-rival, Dr. Maurice Howard. WEBISODE 1 introduces Dr. Fine's cut and paste approach to brute force cybernetics. In WEBISODE 2, Dr. Fine and his assistant Rex discuss impediments to their work over tea, with inescapable metaphors for literature, language and reality. WEBISODE 3 finds Dr Fine feeling scorned by the scientific community. To vindicate his theories, he attempts to swap the minds of a dog and a cat. The results are not as expected. WEBISODES 4 & 5 (in Post-production) reveal the dark consequences of his experiment, and the lightning bolt at the end of the tunnel.